Download and Install Primavera P6 (Latest Version)

Download and Install the latest version of Primavera P6

(Part of brand new P6 training)

Video Script:

To download the latest version of the oracle products, just logon to Either you can go to Sign In, if you are previously register with this, or you can register yourself here. I have previously user name and password so I will go to Sign In and insert my username and password. Type your username and password. Now we will search for Primavera Professional and now you can click on Primavera P6 Professional project management 16.2. Select platform. For me the windows is 64 bit. You can choose your platform either it is 32 or 64 bit and then click select. You can see Primavera P6 Professional Project Management 16.2 version for platform Microsoft 64 bit. Click on continue. Now you will have to review and accept the terms of the commercial and trial license. These are oracle standard terms and restrictions. Read them carefully and do not violate it. After reading and understanding and accepting, click I have reviewed and then click Continue. After agreement to the terms and conditions and trial license and general terms and conditions these are the different Primavera files. We are interested in Primavera P6 Professional applications 16 R2. You can click over here and it will be downloaded to your PC. You can save this file where you need it. Right now I am cancelling this because I already have this.

This is the application Primavera which we have recently downloaded. In previous steps I told you how to download this program, remember that I have 16.1 and your download may be 16.2. There is no much difference and we can carry-on to save the time of the tutorial.

Double click on the Setup. Typical is OK. And now click on Install. Yes. Now the Primavera software will install and it will take some time depending upon your system configuration. After installation of P6 Professional we have different options either standalone, upgrade utility. As we are installing a new data base, I will click on Database configuration. Click OK. In database configuration, click on P6 Pro Standalone SQLite. Click on Next and a new standalone database and connection. Enter new password. Type the password and remember this. Click on next. Right now I am not changing the file path for the database file. If you need to load sample data, click it, I do not need it and I will uncheck it. Click on Next. Connection Successful. Click on Finish. Now I am opening this Primavera and I will click on P6 Professional 16.1. I will type my password and click OK. The appropriate industry is not selected, click OK.

This is the new fresh installation of Primavera P6 Professional 16.1 or either you can download 16.2. For first time use, click on Admin, click on Admin Preferences. Under industry Tab, select the most appropriate industry for you. For me, I will consider Engineering and Construction for all these tutorials. Click on Close. Click OK.

So this was all about downloading and installation of Primavera P6. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and I am sure that this was more than easy for you! Carry on with the upcoming tutorials.


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