How First Time Managers to Better Manage?

No business can function properly without effective management. When someone is given a management position, it reflects through their performance, work ethic and how expertly they can lead and help others whether directly or in an indirect manner.

While becoming a manager the very first time in your life is a positive event and everyone looks forward to it. However, it can easily become overwhelming and you may be pulling out your hair if you do not know the abc of it. Management is not an easy job and it is only through experience that you can acquire and enhance the skills required by anyone in a managing position, such as communicatively effectively, coaching, inspiring and listening. Yet this does not mean that you cannot step into this position without experience. Obviously everyone starts somewhere, and that place is normally at the bottom. However, you can take certain steps to help you ease into the transition of being a manager and make the workflow smooth.

Get to know the business

Make it your priority to learn everything about the business you are working for. You will be required to address queries from reports about the organization. You should be aware of everything that is happening across the business in order that the decisions you make are well-informed and you can confidently back them up with proper reasoning.

In order to achieve this you will need to spend time with your seniors and other more experienced managers. Look at how they work and ask questions about what you do not know or understand. Talk about the business, about the strategies they use, why they take certain decisions, how they can support the business. Keep learning. The knowledge you acquire is going to keep yourself focused and help your team as well.

Hold one-on-ones

Do not underestimate one-on-one check ins with your reports. The time you spend for this purpose is never wasted and actually leads to success and career development. Not only will this keep you updated regarding their progress but you will also be able to talk about their work with them and address any questions they might have. Encourage them to put forward their issues. This is also a great way to engage employees which is extremely important for their retention.

Do not forget your previous position

While you may have been promoted to a managerial position, and it was probably because you seemed promising, stay in the trenches. Yes, you worked very hard for it and you succeeded, but it is best to continue doing the basic work which is what made you successful. Your direct reports will notice it and respect you more and they will realize that you are willing to help them advance in their careers.

Inspire others

Be an example to others. Inspire them such that they look up to you when they are looking for solutions. Your values, your way of dealing with adversity and ambiguity and your perseverance during tough times will make you a model for others and they will follow your example when they need ideas.

Have a sense of humor

Do not make it all about work. You want your team to be at ease with you. Laugh with them and joke around sometimes. While you are at it make sure that you are still taken seriously regarding work matters.


It is natural for you to want to be a part of everything that your team is working on. However, don’t let that get to your head and understand that it is not possible for you to be involved with every single task. That is what your team is for. Yes, you should head the tasks, but allow others to lead; it would help them recognize their talent and at the same time you will not be so overburdened.

Find a mentor

Everyone has an ideal of the kind of manager they want to be. Find someone who fits the bill and ask them to be your mentor. Ask them questions about management, what steps they take in certain situations, how they manage their reports, what do they keep in mind when taking decisions, and so on. We usually have someone we look up to during our academic life as well; someone who help us face the challenges of first year at college, or guide us regarding our studies and career path we should take, and even how we should manage our time.

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