Ozone Layer Depletion, its Causes and Remedies

How it all started?

Ozone is a molecule developed by combining three oxygen atoms and it is amongst the most useful natural blessings for human beings. Ozone layer is a gaseous layer outside the earth’s atmosphere and its basic function is to protect human beings for harmful ultraviolet radiations. The ozone actually absorbs those radiations and refrain them from reaching the earth. Ozone layer depletion was first identified in late 1970’s and the scientists claimed that 4% of the total ozone has been destroying per decade. That was an alarming situation for environmentalists all over the world because ozone layer depletion is directly proportional to some of the most destructive skin diseases including tumor formation and cancers.

Causative agents of ozone layer depletion

Some of the humans’ activities are the prime cause of depletion of ozone layer. Due to industrialization and rapid technological advancements, the amount of greenhouse gases has been exponentially increasing. These gases accumulate in the atmosphere and don’t allow gases (like carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide and methane) to pass through this layer. They not only cause reaction with the ozone layer but are also a big reason for global warming. As stated above, major greenhouse gases are nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide and methane.

CFCs; a deadly poison for Ozone

Chlorofluorocarbons usually abbreviated as CFCs is the major contributing factor for ozone layer depletion. According to different surveys and research papers, 80% of ozone depletion is due to the excessive use of CFCs. To make our life luxurious and easier, we, the humans, are deteriorating our environment very rapidly. Air conditioners, freezers, dry cleaning agents, sterilization liquids and perfumes are the major causes of CFCs in the environment.

What can be done for reducing ozone depletion?

International efforts for reducing ozone depletion are much discussed over different platforms. Now the need of the hour is to practice some simple preventive measures on your own. If each and every inhabitant of earth start making efforts then ozone hole depletion will not only stop but the O3 molecules will develop again to rebuild this protective layer. At your home, try to unplug all the electronic devices which are not being used. Moreover, fluorescent bulbs should be preferred over incandescent bulbs.

 Tree plantation is the best remedy

Trees are considered as the natural environmental cleaners as they effectively absorb greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide and emit oxygen which is the basic requirements of life. They are helpful in developing a harmony between the atmospheric gases thus eliminate the chances of extremely high levels of greenhouses gases. If the rate of deforestation keeps increasing and tree plantation would be ignored for a couple of years then the situation can become worst not only for the environment but also for the human beings. Skin cancers will become more prevalent and it would be difficult to have therapy for getting rid of skin diseases. Areas which are under the ozone hole are presently facing some drastic challenges regarding different medical issues. People living in the vicinity of those areas can never go out of their homes without medicated sun blocks.

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