P6 Training – Introduction and Creating a New Project

Primavera P6 Training (Part 2) Introduction and Creating a New Project

Part of brand new P6 Training

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Before defining adding projects and adding activities let us have some overall view of this P6 Training. At the top there is Primavera P6 Training Professional 16.1. No current project means no project is open. When you open a project or multiple projects in P6, there name will be displayed here at the title bar. Next to the title bar is the Main Menu where you will find all the menus. Next to it is the Main Toolbar.

To my right is the command toolbar. To my left is directory toolbar. This portion is called as details. If a project is open, we will call it project details. And if we have opened activities layout, this will be called as Activity Details. If you cannot see this or you want to hide this; you have button here or go to toolbar Add/Remove button and here is No Bottom Layout. Now it is hidden. If you again click in P6, if you right click and click here on project details. It is project details. If you are showing here WBS then this will be called as WBS details and so on.

Let us define a new project in P6 Training and this will clarify all the commands step by step. Click ADD. Select EPS. EPS stands for enterprise project structure. Right now I am not defining EPS as I do not need it right now. I am interested just to create a new project and add some activities to it. Click Next. Project ID. There will always be a project ID.

Let us say our project ID is C001 and our project name is Construction of Villa. We are creating a new project in which we will make a short schedule of a villa construction. Go to Next. Project Planned Start date. Let me assume that the project planned start date is 6th Feb, 2017. Must Finish By. If you know the project finish date Enter it here in P6 but it is still advisable not to enter this must finish by date. For the time being leave it empty and click next. Responsible Manager, NEXT.

We are not defining responsible manager. Rate type. Price/Unit. Next. So the project is now created. Click finish. Project is now created. Make sure you are in the project layout. If you are not in the projects layout, click on the projects in the toolbar. When you define a project, it is automatically opened and you can see the name of the project in the P6 Training which is opened is C001- Construction of Villa. Click on Activities and this is the Activities window.

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