Breakthrough Technological Innovations in 2015

The life cycle of technology has become short. In a very short period of time a technology becomes obsolete. This has forced the innovators to introduce technological innovations which have real value for the users and solve a basic problem of their lives. Following are a list of technological innovations of 2015 that are gaining traction.

Health and Fitness Innovations

There is an upsurge in health and fitness market where many apps and gadgets are introduced to help the fitness conscious millennial to stay healthy. These apps and gadgets which collect and report information from user’s body is part of the trend which is sometimes called the” quantified self”. There is a wide variety of gadgets like iHealth which can measure the sugar level of your body or even can record your sleep pattern like Sleep Number. There are gadgets like being from Zensorium that claims to provide health and stress insights for mindful living. Then there are a lot many android and IOS based apps which can help you keep track of your fitness goals. The health and fitness market has a huge potential and in the coming months we can anticipate some more innovative products from big firms.

Internet of Things

The concept of internet of things has been around for quite some time but now serious steps towards practical implementation of IOT are being taken. Many big companies like Samsung and Bosch are now taking steps to connect everything to everything else. Now the innovators are working towards smart homes we have already seen smart air conditioners, smart refrigerators, smart home appliances etc. Big organizations are now using more number of sensors to take care of their inventory and facilitate their business operations. The security systems are sensor based and transmit information to the control system. There are lot of possibilities in IOT which are now being identified and capitalized on.

Virtual Reality

The innovators are now focused on providing much more real experience while using virtual reality goggles and earphones. The gaming industry with the help of virtual reality is now breaking more boundaries and reaching new heights. Oculus Rift developers are working towards more advanced goggles for 3D virtual gaming. The company’s latest prototype Crescent Bay has already fuelled the anticipations of gaming lovers. Oculus Rift was acquired by Facebook, this will facilitate more path breaking innovations from the company.

Autonomous Vehicles

The automobile are now moving towards self driving vehicles. With the latest innovations in the field it is possible to provide self driving vehicles at a feasible cost. The main concern is for the regulators to pass these self driving vehicles for use. Google’s autonomous driving vehicle has already been elaborately tested and ready to be launched for public use. The car manufacturing giant Audi has a console which can be removed which acts as a tablet computer. Volkswagen is developing an ultrasonic technology which can find a parking space for the vehicle.


These trends will prevail in the market for quite some time as currently provide lucrative opportunities to big firms as well as Start Up’s to gain from these innovations. The wearable gadget industry is in nascent stage where the wide spread use of the gadgets has not cached up yet. In the coming years we will find more user friendly wearable gadgets which are running on more complicated technology and capable of accomplishing more complex task.

About the Author

Sonal Maheshwari loves pursuing excellence through writing and has a passion for technology. She has successfully managed and run personal technology magazines and websites. She currently writes for intellipaat, a global training company that provides e-learning and professional certification training. Her work has been published on various sites related to Project Management, Digital Marketing and more.

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